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The Art of Resolving Conflict Mindfully With Gillian Higgins – 9 February 2022
Gillian Higgins—lawyer, mindfulness teacher, and author of Mindfulness at Work and Home—speaks for the Community about how mindfulness can help us cultivate the skills necessary to successfully navigate conflict, whether in our professional or personal lives. The session was facilitated by Mindfulness Initiative Co-director Ruth Ormston.
Sharing Forum for Mindfulness Trainers: Promoting Your Mindfulness Business With Mark Randall – 12 January 2022
Mark Randall—CEO of Mark Randall Consultancy and Co-founder of The AlphaMind Project—speaks for the Community about why he initially took up mindfulness, how his mindfulness practice benefitted his work in the financial services industry, and his experience running a successful consultancy business.
MWC Breakfast Session: An Introduction to the Emotional Culture Deck – 2 December 2021
Lotty Roberts, expert in leadership and organisational culture, Founding Director of Mind U, and MWC Member, leads a breakfast session for the Community on the Emotional Culture Deck, a tool for building more effective teams in the workplace. (This session was facilitated by MWC Member Loraine Midda MBE.)
Mindfulness: How to Engage People From Harder-To-Reach Communities – 8 December 2021
Dr Georgie Budd, A&E doctor and mindfulness speaker, and Michael Matania, founder of Tough Cookie, speak for the Community about their journeys into mindfulness, the power of mindfulness to improve mental health and boost resiliency, what can be done to reach those who tend not to be exposed to mindfulness, and more.
Equanimity in the Workplace With Dr Joey Weber – 23 November 2021
Dr Joey Weber, university lecturer and author of Why Mindfulness Is Not Enough, speaks for the Community about equanimity in the workplace and shares what he sees as the barriers to achieving it. (This session was facilitated by MWC Member Alex Reynolds from Lloyds.)
Clif Smith: Keys to Introducing Mindfulness to Corporate Audiences and How to Reach Skeptics and Fence-Sitters – 13 October 2021
Clif Smith, mindfulness leader at EY and author of Mindfulness Without the Bells and Beads, speaks for the Community about his background and route into mindfulness, how to frame a corporate mindfulness offer, what to avoid when making a pitch, the success of EY's mindfulness programme, and much more.
Scott Shute, Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programmes, LinkedIn – 13 September 2021
Scott Shute, keynote speaker, coach, executive, and author, speaks for the Community about the evolution of the mindfulness programme at LinkedIn and his 2021 book, The Full Body Yes.
The Evolution of HSBC’s Mindfulness Programme – 3 September 2021
Mari Thorman, Senior Business Architect in Corporate Banking and Co-chair of Mindfulness at HSBC, and Sean Tolram, Global Programme Manager of Mindfulness at HSBC, speak for the Community about the success and evolution of HSBC's mindfulness programme.
Intersectional Mindfulness – 14 July 2021
Miia Chambers, Director at Rainbow Mind, speaks about their background and work and how mindfulness can help us build a more open, tolerant, and equitable world.
Winning the Hearts and Minds of Key Stakeholders – 21 June 2021
Bart Hansma from Mindful Rijk—a group that delivers mindfulness programmes in the Dutch national government that aims to strengthen resilience, performance, and job satisfaction—speaks about how the programme's been received and how to position a programme to win funding, ambassadors, and leads.
The Urban Mindfulness Foundation – 16 June 2021
Aesha and Dean Francis speak about the work of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation, a group that delivers mindfulness training and drop-in sessions focused on racial emancipation work, social and environmental justice, and the alleviation of all forms of identity-based harm through mindfulness, compassion, insight, and wisdom development.
Mindfulness in Education – 12 May 2021
Professor Katherine Weare and Adrian Bethune, Co-leads for education policy at The Mindfulness Initiative, speak about their publication, 'Implementing Mindfulness in Schools: An Evidence-Based Guide'.
The Long-Term Impact of COVID on Health: Mindfulness as a Support Mechanism – 6 April 2021
Vidyamala Burch, mindfulness teacher, writer, and co-founder of Breathworks, and Jenny Edwards, Health Policy Lead at The Mindfulness Initiative, speak about the long-term health impacts of COVID-19 and how mindfulness can help us deal with the difficulties they present.
The Rise of ‘Feminine’ Leadership in the Workplace – 17 March 2021
To celebrate International Women's Day, Tiffany Kelly and Laura Westcott from Phoenix Rising Global speak about their vision to improve the world by liberating and illuminating femininity in society.
Evidence for the Effectiveness of Mindfulness in the Workplace – 10 February 2021
Megan Reitz, Director at Ashridge Business School and facilitator, teacher, speaker, executive coach, researcher, and author, and Tim Lomas, researcher, author, and lecturer in positive psychology, speak for the Mindful Workplace Community about current evidence for the effectiveness of mindfulness in the workplace.
A Mindful Festival of Inclusion – 12 January 2021
Elizabeth Mpyisi, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor at The Mindfulness Initiative; Georgina Budd, a junior doctor and mindfulness advocate; and Miia Chambers, Director at Rainbow Mind, talk to the Mindful Workplace Community about the connections they see between mindfulness and inclusivity.
Mindfulness in a Legal Workplace – 9 December 2020
Andrew McNeill, author and Development Director of the Mindful Workplace Community, and former lawyer and Deputy Director of The Mindfulness Initiative Ruth Ormston talk about organisational mindfulness and how mindful practices can benefit those working in law, in an event held jointly with the Mindfulness in Law Group.
The Attention Economy – A Mindfulness Rebellion – 20th October 2020
Psychiatrist Dr Florian Ruths and writer and consultant Dan Nixon talk to the Mindful Workplace Community about mindfulness and the attention economy.
Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times – 29th September 2020
Jamie Bristow, Director of The Mindfulness Initiative, discusses the Initiative's latest paper, Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times.
A Mindfulness Programme: Systems, Teams, and Processes – 14th July 2020
Karina Furga-Dabrowska, Partner and European Chief Mindfulness Officer, and Andrew Nathan, Europe Talent Manager, from Dentons global law firm, speak about bringing a mindfulness programme to fruition.
Keeping a Global Mindfulness Programme Alive, Fresh, and Sustainable – 2nd July 2020
Monika Misra, Head of Employee Health and Wellbeing, Europe at GSK, and Andrew Armes, Head of Talent Acquisition at Roche, discuss their mindfulness programmes. In particular, they talk about how they have managed to keep them alive, fresh, and engaging for a global audience through times of change and disruption whilst being aligned with company values and priorities.
Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: Cutting Across Professions – 23rd June 2020
Dr Florian Ruths, Consultant Psychiatrist in adult mental health at Maudsley Hospital in London, speaks about his experience of teaching mindfulness to junior doctors and City real-estate executives, common humanity and co-dependency, and the unrelenting standards we set ourselves.
Organisational Mindfulness – A New Way of Working – 4th June 2020
Dr Jutta Tobias, Senior Lecturer at City, University of London and co-founder of the Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research (CEMR); Mark Leonard, Director, Mindfulness Connected and Strategic Partner at Talik & Co; and Andrew McNeill, founder of, co-founder of Pause Training, and mindfulness consultant, speak about a new way of working and the impact organisational mindfulness can have.
The Importance of Mindful Leadership in Challenging Times – 21st May 2020
Michael Von der Geest, CEO of EY Seren, and Amanda Hart, Executive Assistant and MBSR Mindfulness Trainer at EY speak about the importance of mindful leadership and demonstrating the value of a mindfulness programme during economic downturns.
Developing Online Communities – 28th April 2020
Razeea Lemaignen, Founder and Chair of GSK's Global Mindfulness Network, speaks about her experience of delivering an online mindfulness programme into a large organisation, and Ronan Harrington, an online facilitator and meeting designer, speaks about a practical model of how to build successful online communities.
How Mindfulness Can Help Organisations Face Challenge and Crisis – 23rd April 2020
Matt Champion, Customer Innovation Director and Global Mindfulness Trainer at SAP, and Axel Jutte from SAP's Global Mindfulness Practice talk about the role mindfulness can play in helping organisations to confront challenges.