Next event
Clif will be sharing how he speaks to corporate sceptics and fence-sitters. This renowned presentation has led to enormous success and to Clif being employed as EY's full-time Global Mindfulness Network Leader and the Americas Mindfulness Leader.
13th October, 2021 at 5:00pm
Online (Zoom)

Forthcoming events
On 21st October, the 4th MAD World Summit will take place in person in Central London. MAD World summits bring together some of the brightest minds in workplace culture, mental health and well-being. And this year’s event will feature speakers from a huge range of industries and organisations, including BP, Tesco, Netflix, Monzo, Aldi, Aviva, […]
A chance for mindfulness-trainer MWC members to discuss and share personal ideas and issues, support one another, explore professional themes, and collaborate. More information coming shortly.
As part of the ‘Sharing Forum for Mindfulness Trainer’s’, MWC Member Lotty Roberts is Lotty is excited to share her knowledge and expertise of the Emotional Culture Deck, and how it can add value to your work. Lotty is a forward thinker in the field of change, leadership, team performance and organisational culture, with over […]
Past events
We’re all interested in happiness, but do we know how to attain it? Mindfulness practice can help to de-stress, leading to greater happiness. In collaboration with the Mindfulness in Law Group and other partners, Robert Chender—MILG founder and advisor to the MWC—will be leading a session looking at how mindfulness can help us de-stress and […]
Scott Shute (Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programmes at LinkedIn) returns to speak to the MWC about the evolution of the mindfulness programme at LinkedIn, his new book and the October Challenge.
Mari Thorman, Chief Enterprise Business Architect and Chair of mindfulness@hsbc network, together with Sean Tolram, Global Programme Manager in the Mindfulness Team, Global Corporate Banking HSBC PLC, will be speaking for the Community about the success and evolution of HSBC’s mindfulness programme.  
A chance for mindfulness-trainer MWC members to discuss and share personal ideas and issues, support one another, explore professional themes, and collaborate.
As part of the Mindful Workplace Community's 'Festival of Inclusion', Miia Chambers (Director, Rainbow Mind), returns to speak for us (along with a panel of keynote speakers TBA) on Mindfulness, Intersectionality and LGBTQI+. 
How to engage and ally with key stakeholders, and how to position mindfulness and create a name for your initiative.
Time for new thinking about mindfulness and social change.
The MWC ‘World Cafés’ are an exciting opportunity to connect with other Community members informally to discuss subjects of mutual interest in both smaller and larger groups and share open and mindful enquiry. Format outline Events will last 1 ½ hours. There is no panel or keynote speaker, but the cafe’s are facilitated. Each World […]
Professor Katherine Weare and Adrian Bethune, The Mindfulness Initiative’s co-leads for education policy and authors of the recently published paper, ‘Implementing Mindfulness in Schools: An Evidence-Based Guide’, will be speaking about everything staff and students need to know when implementing mindfulness programmes in schools.   Their guide is a full and comprehensive resource for school […]