This publication from the Mindfulness Initiative is a compilation of essays submitted by researchers, innovators, and thinkers in response to the ideas outlined in the Initiative’s 2020 discussion paper Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times. These responses were written and collected to continue the important and timely discussions developed and inspired by the original paper. Responding […]
Any viable economic strategy for the 2020s and 2030s must address two fundamental challenges: the state of environmental degradation, firstly, and an ability to handle the pace of technological change. A wise response may require us to place our distinctly human capacities at the centre of our economic thinking. But how? In this discussion paper, […]
This publication from The Mindfulness Initiative’s education team is a comprehensive guide written by education policy co-leads Professor Katherine Weare and Adrian Bethune after extensive consultation with an expert steering group. The guide aims to be a crucial resource for all teachers, educators, and SLT members interested in implementing mindfulness within their schools. It covers […]
A curated list of mindfulness and anti-racism resources from The Mindfulness Initiative to support practitioners in their inquiry in this area. See more and download the PDF here.
A fascinating discussion paper from The Mindfulness Initiative looking at how mindfulness can help us to regain and strengthen our individual and collective agency as we try to overcome the many existential crises of our time. See more and download the PDF here.
A curated list of free mindfulness resources from The Mindfulness Initiative for health and care workers to support them through a time of crisis. (Updated in November 2020.) Download the PDF here.
The Mindfulness Initiative’s Fieldbook for Mindfulness Innovators has been developed by innovation consultant Menka Sanghvi to support pioneers of all stripes in the growing field of mindfulness training. Drawing on expert contributions from across the mindfulness sector and a wealth of experience in innovation, the document invites innovators to explore essential ideas, resources, and frameworks as they […]
The first policy document of its kind, investigating the potential for mindfulness-based interventions across various domains of public policy. Published on behalf of the UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group.
This publication from The Mindfulness Initiative is primarily intended as a resource for those developing a business case for mindfulness training within their own organisation. It provides an updated summary of the research evidence, narrative rationales addressing different organisational needs, case studies, and a range of toolkits to help with programme planning, implementation, and evaluation. […]