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The Community means a huge amount to our members. During this extraordinary year and a half, the sense of isolation has been present for many.

As it looks as though we’re starting to emerge at different stages around the world, our international Community can continue to help each other with best practices and ideas about how to support mindfulness in the workplace as we step into an unknown future.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is to hear from one of our members:

‘At the time of finding the Mindfulness Workplace Community I was in a bad way. In the throes of complex PTSD and initially shielded, I was feeling isolated and extremely anxious. The MWC gave me a place where I felt heard and seen. It gave me a community in which I felt valued and supported by like-minded individuals. This dramatically improved my self-confidence, which allowed me to continue in my junior doctor role and become involved in healthcare workers’ wellbeing. I am not just incredibly grateful to the MWC; I am honoured to be counted among them.’ [Dr Georgina Budd, MWC Member. Dr Georgina Budd@mymindonwheels].

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It can be a tough gig

Even though it’s attracted attention from the media and some organisations, mindfulness is still relatively new in the minds of many. Being the person bringing mindfulness to the workplace can be a tough gig. It can feel isolating.

Being connected to and part of a community can help you remember that you are not alone in this work. Thousands and thousands of individuals are learning about the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace every day, and you can connect with the people involved in your field.

Even for the experienced

And for those of us who have been bringing mindfulness to the workplace for a while, the opportunity to continue to learn, to share the latest thinking and occasionally be able to share some personal insights brings a great sense of connection.

Full Webinar Available Publicly Until January 2022

On 13 September, Scott Shute—keynote speaker, coach, executive, author, and former Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programmes at LinkedIn—was interviewed by Jamie Bristow (Director at the Mindfulness Initiative) in front of an audience of Mindful Workplace Community members.

Scott and Jamie spoke about Scott’s workplace mindfulness journey so far and his experience winning support to run mindfulness programmes in a large and influential organisation.

Usually, our webinar recordings are available to watch in full only for Mindful Workplace Community members. But we’re opening this one up to everyone to give non-members a sense of the kinds of events we host inside the Community.

This year, the Community’s webinars have been following several themes, one of which has been an exploration, through our Festival of Inclusion event series, of how workplace mindfulness, and the mindfulness space in general, can become truly open and inclusive.

Our entire back catalogue of webinar recordings is available for Community members to watch at any time. We also have ten-minute previews of all webinars to date that are publicly available and free to watch here.

Watch Scott’s interview below:

What is the Mindful Workplace Community?

The Mindful Workplace Community is the primary forum for the international conversation on workplace mindfulness and a network of well-being leaders looking to set the agenda and have their voices heard.

We offer:

A webinar programme

We offer a webinar programme with an extraordinary range of speakers, including leading psychologists, authors, researchers, and thought leaders from the world of workplace mindfulness – all connected by their shared interest in mindfulness and its potential to transform how we live and work.

Special events

As well as special events, members get access to a wealth of online resources (case studies, tools and templates, carefully curated scientific research) and invaluable peer support as they undertake their journey to discover the powerful role mindfulness can play in supporting their organisation.

A global community

Most importantly, the Mindful Workplace Community provides a space to meet, learn from, be inspired by, and inspire fellow workplace mindfulness champions. Our members come from across the world and all walks of life and include multinational corporates and pioneering organisations (such as HSBC, Dentons, Roche, Lloyds Banking Group), HR directors, grassroots champions, mindfulness teachers and experts, and others who are just getting started and finding their way. You can learn more about us here.

Wherever you may fit in this picture, becoming a member of our community can help you:

Forge connections

with others on the same journey as you

Get to know the field

and stay on top of the latest developments


from a wealth of experience and knowledge

Push boundaries

with new collaborations, insights, and innovation

We'd love to welcome you!

If you’d like to become a member and benefit from everything the Community has to offer, whether you’re a new mindfulness champion, a senior leader inspiring the introduction of mindfulness in your firm, a mindfulness trainer, or anything in between, we’d love to hear from you.

Join here today to attend our exciting upcoming webinars, access resources, and make valuable connections with other Community members.

Contact Theresa Dzendrowskyj (Mindful Workplace Community Director) or Luke Fortmann (Mindfulness Initiative External Affairs and Policy Assistant) if you have any questions or there’s anything at all about our membership programme you’d like to discuss.