The MomentCo co-founders Fiona McKinnon and Alex Strang will speak to the MWC on ‘Critical success factors for people-care programmes in SME’s’. The MomentCo focus’ on individual performance and wellbeing to create stability, empower individuals & teams and drive growth. More information TBC. This event is free to MWC annual members, and £15.00 to non-subscription followers, guests and friends […]
We are delighted to invite Dr. Florian Ruths (consultant psychiatrist and BAMBA Trustee) back to speak for the MWC. Florian previously spoke on the ‘Attention Rebellion’ and now returns to speak about climate change and mindfulness. More information to follow. This event is free to MWC annual members, and £15.00 to non-subscription followers, guests and […]
The MWCs sister association, ‘The Mindfulness In Law Group; are hosting their next mindfulness session ‘Mindfulness and Me’ on Tuesday 13 June at 12:30pm via Zoom. This session will be chaired by Gunraj Arora who is a member of MILG committee. During the session, Gunraj will be sharing his mindfulness journey before moving into a […]
The MWC is delighted to host Amy Sandler,  Lead Coach and Podcast Host at Radical Candor LLC, in a dialogue with Robert Chender, member of the MWC Board of Advisors and long-time mindfulness practitioner and teacher, about Radical Candor. Radical Candor is the process developed by Kim Scott and discussed in her best-selling book, of caring personally while […]
MWC Members Matt Champion (SAP) and Chris Tamdjidi (Founder and Managing Partner at Awaris) will join a panel to explore the current status of Mindfulness in Organisations – what’s working and what are the obstacles to successful Mindfulness programmes in organisations. Matt is a creative catalyst, with 20+ years of experience in enabling and challenging […]
Vidyamala Burch OBE is a mindfulness and compassion teacher, speaker, coach and award-winning author. Her evidence-based Mindfulness-based Pain & Illness Management (MBPM) approach has reached over 100,000 people around the world and is recognised by health boards globally. Through her work, she hopes to empower those living with pain or difficulty to reclaim their lives. […]