Back by popular demand!  We are thrilled to welcome Alex Strang and Fiona McKinnon from the Moment Company who will be discussing how to unlock the power of Strategically Positioning Your Mindfulness Business for the Workplace. This is expected to be a transformative session where Alex and Fiona will blend insights from April Dunford‘s groundbreaking book, “Obviously Awesome: […]
Increase the impact of your corporate mindfulness programs and expand your offers using a blended learning approach. Kudima reports that traditional mindfulness programmes are less popular within the corporate environment and that it is necessary to adapt your offerings to take into account current and changing expectations and learning habits.  They recommend that a blended learning approach can offer a solution in keeping with the […]
Join the Mindfulness Initiative for a unique opportunity to explore what a more mindful politics might look like. The Mindfulness Initiative’s new report, Mindfulness in Westminster: Reflections from UK Politicians, is a reflection of 10 years of mindfulness training in the UK Parliament, and brings together politicians’ insights on the personal and interpersonal benefits they have experienced. […]
The Sussex Mindfulness Centre is holding a talk by the man dubbed the happiest person in the world. Writer, humanitarian and Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard discusses how altruism can be the best response to the suffering of our times. Matthieu Ricard has closely collaborated with neuroscience research on the short- and long-term effects of mind […]
  In honor of World Mental Health Day in October, Mindful on Wall Street will be hosting an intimate fireside chat with James Fisher, CEO & President of MUFG Fund Services on October 12th, 5pm ET, 10pm BST. James will share his personal mental health journey, and will also discuss the role of mindfulness in […]
The Moment Company co-founders Fiona McKinnon and Alex Strang will speak to the MWC on Cultivating Performance and Wellbeing in the Workplace. The Moment Co focus’ on individual performance and wellbeing to create stability, empower individuals & teams and drive growth. Alex and Fiona will discuss how to redefine the way you approach well-being in the business world (for […]